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Over the years of our services, we have come across some clients that have posed many a challenging situation. But due to the diligence, expertise and hard work of Harshit Sharma and his dedicated team, we have overcome these challenging situations and have grown in the process to be where we are today. We have learnt over the years to come up with the best suited plans for your business venture so that once you are with us you don’t have to think of engaging the services of another organization. Our experience and willingness to learn and adopt and adapt to changing online scenarios have always kept us at the forefront of our competitors.

When we team up with you to get your website up and running, you will realize that our SEO freelance people are dedicated to making your website come up in the first page of search engines, thus improving the SERP ranking of your site. This results in increasing the visibility of your site and also establishing the branding. However, besides this activity, we also do a lot of work to make sure that your website is also visible in the local search engines. This is important to us because by increasing local visibility and driving traffic to your site, we believe, will have a spillover effect.

Once you team up with us, we make certain that your site behaves properly on all search engines, both on-page and off-page. This not only helps us to integrate with search engines but also helps us to ensure good SERP rankings for your site. Towards this end, we are always up-dating our strategies and planning’s where our SEO is concerned so that we remain updated at all times to counter Google’s constant updates and changes in their algorithms. We are constantly working to generate traffic to your website, both organic and paid, by undertaking organic SEO actions and paid campaigns like PPC or Pay Per Click. Our best SEO consultant in India takes care of generating traffic to your website. And he does this by simultaneously using both organic and paid attempts so that your site gets high traffic volume of targeted audience. Once this is achieved, then converting them to leads should be easy for you. We design our SEO strategies in such a way that they give wings to your online business and your return on investment are guaranteed, enabling you to succeed in your online venture.

We offer the following SEO Freelance services in India

We strive to offer the following freelance SEO services from our side to our Indian clients
  • SEO Consultancy: Our SEO consultancy service ensures that whenever you need the advice of the best SEO expert in India to enhance your online business, you get it! It is as simple as that. All you need to do is mail us with your doubts and queries and one of us will get back to you to try and solve your problem. You can also call us and we will be happy to assist you in every way possible. In fact our US based SEO consultants, who are specialized in SEO related problems, are always on standby to offer you solutions that meet your expectations. We can also tell how your online business is doing, through the website optimization we did for you, and give you in-puts to further improve your online presence. And also to help you in the future, we develop a well documented report which serves as a reference for future actions.
  • Recovery of Search Engine Penalties: The internet is a very welcoming place for hackers and illegal activities which try to cheat and corrupt software and other systems. However, there are checks and balances in place to control these activities. Different search engines deal with these threats differently, including the Black Hat SEO. So when a SEO finds anything suspicious or even the Black Hat SEO buried within a website, it immediately deals with it severely. Like all search engines have different methods to deal with malicious ware, there is also different ways to free websites from these penalties. We have developed a service with our freelance SEO in India and the US, which removes the penalties imposed on your website by Google or other search engines. This service developed by our SEO expert ensures that your website gets back on track and continues to drive targeted traffic to your site and carry on increasing business as it were before the penalties were imposed.
  • Researching Competitors & Keywords: In business, knowing your competitors is extremely important and our team of freelance SEO consultants is dedicated to doing just that. They gather competitor data relevant to your business model and pass on the information to you, so that you have firsthand knowledge of your competitors’ strategies. This in turn will help you to take corrective action in your business approach. Moreover, our strong research background helps us to ensure that we get you the right keywords. Keywords that fulfill the needs of your business objectives and help you to grow your business.
  • Providing Technical SEO Assistance: For a website to be visible to a search engine there are many technical aspects that need to be addressed, hence we look at your website from a technical angle. This service rendered by us makes sure that your website is technically sound so that it can be indexed for it to be found by search engines. For instance we will look at the content of your website and its visibility; we will look into SSL certification, the sitemap or XML file, robot.txt file, internal linking and a host of other technical stuff and optimize them so that your website is ideal for crawlers. We run these checks manually and also make use of sophisticated SEO software for which we pay, just so that your website behaving properly from all aspects.
  • On-page SEO Assistance: This type of optimization is critical and fundamental to online business. It is of paramount importance that your website has a proper on-page SEO. The assistance we provide in this area ranges from looking at your meta title, the meta description and the meta keywords used along with the type of content of your website so that search engines properly understands and gauges your site so that targeted audiences are directed to your site and positively impacts the ranking of your website. We also do a lot of research to ensure that your website is updated and is well ahead of your competitors’ in terms of ranking and generating profitable business.
  • Off-page SEO Assistance: This type of optimization is a process which is carried out to improve search engine rankings or in other words, it helps to improve your websites SERP. But more importantly, off-page SEO optimization is done outside the actual website, like for instance creating high quality back links and for this we look at good quality PA & DA. You can look at off-page SEO optimization as marketing and promoting your website. To achieve this, we use our stock of quality White Hat SEOs to ensure that your website is attractive to the target audience and we do this by employing various techniques, strategies and techniques. Along with building these links, we also enable guest posting links, which serves a way to promote and market your business. Through these optimization efforts, it is our constant endeavor to ensure that your website is visible on the first page of Google search as well as various other search engines.
  • Marketing Content: Increasing one’s brand image and growing one’s business online can be very well achieved with the help of content marketing. And nowadays, it is the in-thing when it comes to promoting and marketing one’s product or services, because without having an online marketing tool, marketing nowadays is not complete. Content marketing is another area where we excel. We post most recent, relevant comments on websites that matter and those that allow guest’s to post their comments. Our content writers are of the highest caliber and we ensure that the content they write is of the highest quality and relevant to your website. We make sure that that the content we put up on your website is rich with targeted keywords that will help to attract the right kind of customers to your website and generate traffic volume. We also request owners of websites with excellent PA & DA to share their links so that we can promote your website and grow your business.
  • Evaluation and Report Generating: We take our self evaluation very seriously. This periodic analysis of our services and activities and the results that we achieve through them, helps us to determine how we are performing and what corrective steps need to be taken to further improve our work. This on-going practice helps us to provide timely SEO updates, change our strategies if needed and which ultimately enables our SEO consultant to work more efficiently. But this evaluation and reporting is not only limited our performance. We make sure that you, as our valued customer, are aware of how your business is performing and what we are doing to help your business grow. We provide you with a detailed report generated every month so that you can keep track of your website’s online activity. This will enable you to make necessary changes in strategies to further boost your online business and increase your visibility. We believe in our transparent mode of functioning and it is this fact which has made us the best SEO consultant in India.

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