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You have just launched your website for your online business but you are uncertain how to drive traffic to your site?

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    You get overwhelmed with the technicality of marketing your site and getting people to visit your home page. You have heard about search engines that drive traffic but you don’t know how to get this done. Don’t worry; let us take care of all the technical aspects about getting people to visit your site.
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      Discovery & Audits

      Understand & Evaluate

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      Identify Opportunities, Set Goals & Prioritize

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      Content Strategy/Technical Changes

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      Analysis & Insights Reporting

    My services

    I strive to offer the following freelance SEO services to my clients
    SEO Consultancy

    Our SEO consultancy service ensures that whenever you need the advice of the best SEO expert in India to enhance your online business, you get it! It is as simple as that.

    Recovery of Search Engine Penalties

    The internet is a very welcoming place for hackers and illegal activities which try to cheat and corrupt software and other systems.

    Researching Competitors & Keywords

    In business, knowing your competitors is extremely important and our team of freelance SEO consultants is dedicated to doing just that.

    Providing Technical SEO Assistance

    For a website to be visible to a search engine there are many technical aspects that need to be addressed, hence we look at your website from a technical angle.

    On-page SEO Assistance

    This type of optimization is critical and fundamental to online business. It is of paramount importance that your website has a proper on-page SEO.

    Off-page SEO Assistance

    This type of optimization is a process which is carried out to improve search engine rankings or in other words, it helps to improve your websites SERP.

    Marketing Content

    Increasing one’s brand image and growing one’s business online can be very well achieved with the help of content marketing.

    Evaluation and Report Generation

    We take our self-evaluation very seriously. This periodic analysis of our services and activities and the results...

    The Vision of our Best SEO Consultant - to ensure Increased Ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

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    Looking to hire Best SEO Expert in India?

    We have the best SEO expert in India and who is also a certified Digital Marketer, certified by none other than Google!

    Our claims are based on certifications not only from India but also from the United States along with unparalleled top- notch experience in the field of search engine optimization. Take a look at the following certification & experience our SEO expert, Harshit Sharma has acquired –

    • Certification by Google, India, in the field of Digital Marketing
    • Beginners certification by Google, USA, in the field of Google Analytics
    • Advance Certification by Google, USA, in the field of Google Analytics
    • Expert in building high quality back links
    • Vast experience of working with big corporate houses and delivering excellent results
    • Dedicated to delivering results on time, every time.

    It is only natural for you who have just ventured out for the first into the world of online business to be apprehensive. And it is a fact that, the task of getting your brand recognized and exposed to prospective customers and in the proper niche is daunting. This is where the role of our highly qualified SEO freelancer comes in and his role is of utmost importance to your online business venture. Our expert SEO understands your apprehension and also the importance of ranking high in SERP and is the best person to guide you. In fact by coming to our website and reading about the services we provide, you have just found yourself in the right place and page! We are dedicated to offering you the highest level of SEO Freelancing service that is directed to improving and exposing your business venture till such time you become a house-hold name. And we do this at a very affordable price!

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    Internal Linking Optimization
    Heading Optimization
    Meta Description Optimization
    Link Building
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    Competitor Research
    On Page Optimization
    Link Building
    Guest Blogging
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